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This workshop introduces you to the Kratix framework. Over a series of tutorials you will build a deeper understanding of what Kratix is, how Kratix works, and how you can use Kratix to deliver a first-class platform within your organisation.

Before beginning this workshop, consider your answers to the following questions:

  • What is the highest value service your platform provides to your application development teams?
  • How easy is it for you to provide and maintain that service?
  • How easy is it for application developers to use that service?
  • How can you enhance flow for your application developers and reduce effort for you and your platform team?

We hope that, by going through the workshop and learning Kratix's concepts, it will become evident how you could incorporate Kratix into your platform to provide a better developer experience.

The series

This workshop is divided into two parts. On Part I, the focus is on operating Kratix. On Part II, you will dive into writing and extending Promises.

Part I

  1. Install Kratix
    Learn more about Kratix and install Kratix locally using KinD.

  2. Install a Kratix Promise
    Learn more about Kratix Promises and install a sample Jenkins Promise.

  3. Using multiple Kratix Promises
    Learn about Compound Promises, and how the combination of Promises can provide more compelling developer experiences.

Part II

  1. Writing your first Promise
    Learn the basics of how to write a Kratix Promise

  2. Improving the Workflows
    Learn more about the different types of workflows that can be used within a Promise.

  3. Accesing Secrets and storing state
    Learn how you can access Secrets and store state from within a Kratix pipeline

  4. Surfacing information via Status
    Learn how to surface information to users via the status of a Resource

  5. Making a Compound Promise
    Extend your Promise with another Promise, making it a compound promise


  1. Final Thoughts
    How can Kratix help you?

🥁 Time to get started

Begin with setting up your machine for the workshop.