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Within a Kratix Promise, you can define two different workflow types: configure and delete.

The configure workflow is executed when the Promise is created, updated, or reconciled. The delete workflow is executed when the Promise is deleted.

To specify the Promise workflows, you should use the workflows.promise key in the Promise definition:

kind: Promise
# ...
# ...
# lifecycle hook for Promise
# lifecycle hook for creates/updates/ongoing reconciliation of the Promise
- # Pipeline definition
# lifecycle hook for deletion of the Promise
- # Pipeline definition

Check out the Workflows documentation for more details.

Running Workflows

The Workflows are regularly executed. Kubernetes reconciles on a number of different actions including, but not limited to:

  • On the creation of the Promise
  • Regular interval (default: 10 hours, not currently configurable)
  • Recreating or restarting the Kratix Controller
  • A change to the Promise definition

All commands should be idempotent as there is a guarantee that they will be run multiple times a day, and may be run much more frequently depending on other environmental impacts like pod restarts.