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Kratix and Crossplane

Crossplane is an open-source multi-cloud control plane that allows you to extend Kubernetes to connect to and from external sources like databases, the cloud and the edge.

Sample architecture with Kratix and Crossplane

We have written a tremendous blog about how Kratix and Crossplane complement each other.

Kratix Promises and Crossplane Compositions are similar in that they both provide declarative APIs and a facade into more complicated underlying platform orchestration.

Kratix does not aim to compete with Crossplane on cloud orchestration and it can help a platform builder already using Crossplane.

  • Creating a Promise for Crossplane simplifies the Crossplane installation experience.
  • Kratix provides multi-cluster support for free. Where Crossplane users are managing several Crossplane provider clusters, Kratix complements by providing the cross-cluster management of resources.
  • A Promise can abstract away Crossplane. If a Platform needs to provide a Postgres as a Service with a production version managed by Crossplane and and they also need to provide an inexpensive dev version that is run on a densified development cluster then this can be handled for free with Kratix via Promises. See the blog for more detail on this pattern.
  • Kratix Promises can offer the benefits of Workflows. Tasks such as billing checks, security scans, audits, resource decoration etc can all happen in the Promise before a delegation to Crossplane is made.
  • Kratix provides GitOps out of the box so the state of Crossplane resources is all managed for free.