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How to contribute a Promise

The Kratix Marketplace is a place where you can share and find Promises, built by the community, for the community. If you'd like to contribute a Promise, you can do so by creating a Pull Request to the Kratix Docs repository. The list of Promises is stored in the src/data/promise-data.json file.

You can add your Promise to the list using the following template:

"name": "Promise Name",
"description": "Promise Description",
"url": "",
"logoUrl": "image.svg",
"categories": ["Category 1", "Category 2"]

Promise structure

There's no specific structure required for your Promise to be accepted, neither a particular repository where the Promise should be stored. For inspiration, you can take a look at the Promises authored by Syntasso.

When will my Promise be available?

Once the PR is submitted, it will be reviewed and tested by the Kratix team. Once merged, it should be available on the Marketplace within minutes.